Stihl SG31 Manual Sprayer

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The Stihl SG 31 is a manual sprayer, especially suitable for private users. Easy handling due to large filler opening, ergonomic shut-off valve and telescopic tube. Hollow cone and fan jet nozzle are included.


Pressure piston pump

The robust pressure piston pump with pump lever means that you can spray at a steady pace for long periods of time without a repetitive pumping action.

Brass hollow cone nozzle

With the standard hollow cone spray can be accurately applied. Additional nozzles are available as accessories.

Technical data

Weight kg 1.8
Tank capacity l 5

12 reviews for Stihl SG31 Manual Sprayer

  1. Dougie (verified owner)

    Was on back-order so took a little bit longer to arrive. Must say though, good quality bit of kit. Choice of nozzles comes with the sprayer, and the pump and handle mechanism seems robust. Good pressure indicator/PRV, and good pressure retention, so you don’t need to be constantly pressurising the unit as much as the other non-Stihl one that I use. Has a good trigger lock-off feature to prevent inadvertent use. Only picky gripe…..doesn’t have a trigger lock-on feature for continuous use. A minor point though as the trigger itself is comfortable to use. Slightly more expensive that some other 5L sprayer units, but the quality seems to be there so I can recommend.

  2. Neil (verified owner)

    Really Pleased with this Sprayer does the job & didn’t end up dripping wet like with cheap makes.
    It gives a steady spray right down to the last litre & is easy to pressureise.
    Definitely recommend.

  3. joe mcnally (verified owner)

    Excellent product as you would expect from Stihl and the weeks are already starting to die!!!, great service (again) from Radmore Tucker.

  4. Gerald Bateman (verified owner)

    Stihl are renowned for the quality of their products. This sprayer upholds the standard in design, construction and performance. I expect it to provide fault free service for many years.

  5. Eva Venny (verified owner)

    Quality sprayer that will make looking after plants in polytunnel and veg garden much easier. Equally capable of blasting greenfly or spraying seaweed foliar feed due to choice of nozzles. Great capacity and sturdy built – worth going for a quality brand.

  6. Mike Cadwallen (verified owner)

    Top Quality as you would expect from Stihl, having tried a cheaper “branded” product that failed after it’s first use I wanted to buy something that would not only work consistently but have a long life, so far so good. The product works really well and the construction is perfect. Highly recommend this sprayer.

  7. Mike Cadwallen (verified owner)

    Who would have thought that I would be writing yet another review (see 19th August 2021). Having followed Stihl’s instructions regarding the strap fixing I have to advise that this failed when spraying with a full tank, the result, the tank hit the floor and broke the outlet pipe, hence my next purchase, I have now modified the strap fixing using two buckles one for each end and this has the strap totally secure with no chance of slipping. Otherwise a great product!

  8. Clive White (verified owner)

    A good replacement for my old and tired sprayer. Well built and good quality as you always get from STIHL products.

  9. Bernadette (verified owner)

    Done what it was bought for superb .

  10. Anthony Sealy (verified owner)

    Good company to purchase from, excellent product & communication.
    Delivery perfect as dispatched. Thankyou

  11. Anthony Sealy (verified owner)

    The germans have put a great amount of thought into SG31 sprayer:
    And is the only weed watering tool you dont have to practice your
    swear words using it. Its Thirty five quids worth of heaven and will
    also de ice your car windscreens filled with a kettle of hot water, together with your wellies and windows without the dreaded hose pipe,

  12. j white (verified owner)

    Frankly I am disappointed so far with this sprayer.I wanted one that was was efficient and robust but have found that the hollow cone nozzle does not spray unless pumped up hard and even then drips. I have only tried it with water but would not trust it with weed killer (which is its intended use) as precise aiming would be difficult.Tried the fan jet nozzle which seems to work better though still with a slight dribble. I also did not find it easy to assemble the sprayer and think the instructions could be clearer.

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