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Makita UV3200 Electric Scarifier 32cm 1300w

(15 customer reviews)

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SKU: 16-UV3200/2

Smart electric scarifier by Makita sensible size for smaller lawns, helps to keep your lawn looking lush and lovely. with a 10 meter cable and 1300w of power. Gives you a working depth of -10 to + 10mm.

COMES WITH 10m Cable & Blades
WEIGHT 12.00
WORKING DEPTH -10 to +10 mm

15 reviews for Makita UV3200 Electric Scarifier 32cm 1300w

  1. Andrew Edwards (verified owner)

    Questions about availability and delivery were answered very promptly. Delivery was made on the day scheduled. The Scarifier work’s very well and did what I wanted it to do. The collector box is way to small but I would have needed a skip to collect the moss that it removed.
    More than pleased with my purchase.

  2. Ian B (verified owner)

    Makita UV3200 Electric Scarifier 32cm 1300w
    I chose the Makita because I have many reliable Makita tools used in the the building trade and this one has not disappointed.
    I Scarified 350squ mtrs and again going at 90deg 700squ mtrs in all with ease.
    Very happy with it, If it performs like the rest of the Makita gear, it will run for years.

  3. Mr Stuart Barlow

    Not purchased this Makita scarifier as yet, but I’d like to know if spair parts are available. Have seen lots of good reviews about this machine so a purchase is on the cards.

  4. Jason Skyrme

    Superb customer service and speedy delivery from Radmore and Tucker.

    The machine is very powerful and pulls itself along nicely. It doesn’t rip up the lawn but removes all of the thatch. The collection box is useless and I think it is purely there as a ‘safety’ feature in case of objects being ejected from the machine. I can’t imagine anyone using the box – I used the machine and then collected it up with my petrol mower with no issues.

    The machine’s handle folds back easily for storage. A few elements, such as the wheels, are a little bit lightweight for Makita but you easily forgive this once you realise how well the machine works.

    Overall I am delighted and would thoroughly recommend. My neighbour has an expensive petrol scariffier and this seems to do a much better job.

  5. Wayne Barnes (verified owner)

    I’ve used various scarifiers in the past and I would highly recommend this one, it does a great job. I wouldn’t bother with the collection box, as it’s quite small.I went over the lawn with my mower. Good service from the company, delivered on time. It’s become part of my Boys Toys collection.

  6. Geoff Boxall (verified owner)

    Unfortunately the Makita scarifier delivered on time was faulty and did not work. However it was collected by DPD the next day and replaced the day after that again by DPD.
    It works well although the grass catcher is not worth using due to the quantity of thatch produced. Well done Radmore & Tucker for solving the problem quickly and without fuss—- – the proof of good customer service.

  7. Trevor Little (verified owner)

    Good scarifier.. I’m slowly replacement my tools with Makita products.. they have all been very good.
    As other have said the collection box fills quickly, but all makes fill quickly on all if they are doing the job properly
    Radmore and Tucker service was excellent

  8. A E Deans (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Great only problem was the collection basket to small. I took it of and then used my mower . Very happy with service and product

  9. G Holt (verified owner)

    Ordered my Scarifier Wed midday delivered to my door next day, great service and communication
    I use several power tools from Makita in my job and this performs just like all the others it’s quite
    A Powerful scarifier, I’m very happy with my purchase And just need to knock the lawn into shape now.

  10. Colin B (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Machine delivered promptly at time stated. Scarifier works really well, but collection bag is far too small. Filled every 2 metres. Other than that highly recommend.

  11. Stephen Goddard (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with my scarifier..It does what it says on the tin!

  12. Simon (verified owner)

    Delivered very promptly. Only used it once so far but it seems excellent apart from the silly little collection box. It’s quicker not to use the box and just run the mower over the lawn afterwards.

  13. Geoff Dunsby (verified owner)

    Delivery was on time and in good condition. Makita make a good product that will last for many years and the scarifier is no exception. The assembly is nothing more than removing the packaging and fitting the handle. The Scarifier is easy adjusted to suit the lawn condition. The motor is powerful and makes a difficult gardening task very easy. The wheels are a good size and make pushing the machine over a rough lawn surface much easier.

  14. Fiona Sansom (verified owner)

    More powerful than our previous scarifier. So far so good. We’ve got huge lawn and massive patches of clover we’re trying to weed out. Machine stood up well on my first go. The clover is quite ‘juicy’ in places so it’s fairly hard work for any machine and it’s best to just go slow so the machine doesn’t struggle (mowed first so nothing was too long – that’s how the previous scarifier broke?). The makita does a reasonable go on the first try buut the lawn is pretty bad so will need doing again. As others have said the catcher is small and pretty useless. On my very weedy/old grassy lawn it was full after walking a few metres. So I took it off a did raking afterwards, which gave me a bit of a workout. The price here was very reasonable and the scarifier was delivered working next day, so service was excellent.

  15. John (verified owner)

    I rate my purchase 4 stars. Because grass box far too small and pressing button to operate rather fiddly. However excellent tool. Service second to non very quick dispatch and delivery. Communication from the company excellent.

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