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Husqvarna Technical Waist Chainsaw Trousers 20C Type C

(1 customer review)

All Round Protection Class 1 (20m/s)

£210.60 (inc VAT)

SKU: HU-582341254-1

The Husqvarna Technical Protective Waist Chainsaw Trousers 20C Type C are perfect for forestry workers who spend all day working in the forest. The modern task-oriented design and all round saw protection helps to keep you safe, comfortable and productive. The lightweight, four-way stretch fabrics  and some smart desighn features like pre bent knees add comfort and a smarter look to help you stay comfortable all day long.


  • Approved according to EN – 381
  • Class – Class 1 (20 m/s)
  • Eurotested – Yes
  • Mesh – Mesh in back pockets
  • Saw protection – Yes
  • Pre-bent knees – Yes
  • Extended back – Yes
  • Rule pocket on right leg – Yes
  • Buttons for suspenders – Yes

Waist Size

32″ Waist
35″ Waist
37″ Waist
39″ Waist
42″ Waist

32" Waist, 35" Waist, 37" Waist, 39" Waist, 42" Waist

1 review for Husqvarna Technical Waist Chainsaw Trousers 20C Type C

  1. Shawn Ashwell (verified owner)

    Fantastic service from Radmore and Tucker. Great trousers delivered on time and they fit perfect. I have being in the industry for 18 yrs and the prices for items at Radmore and Tucker seam unbeatable.

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