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Arbortec Reversible Puffer Jacket

£108.00 (inc VAT)

32% Off


The perfect warmth in just about any situation. A warm, slim, lightweight jacket loaded with Clo Insulation made from 700% Polyamide, a recycled synthetic down. It delivers high-level warmth while retaining its loft even in damp conditions. This jacket comes double-sided with a lightweight hood and a snug fit, and can be worn either way around:

l. Olive on one side, black on the other (wear either way around)
2. Lime on one side, blue on the other (wear either way around)

Key Features:

l. Double sided (reversible) jacket
2. Pu Ima: Eco insulation. Synthetic down alternative to apparel with
a luxury feel. Hypo-allergenic (natural down can cause allergy)
3. Made from 700% ultra-fine recycled fibres, provides higher
warmth retention when wet (compared to natural down)
4. Fabric DWR Coated (durable water repellent) – Bounced Out
5. Cire Finished Fabric
6. Animal-free and vegan friendly
7. Zipped pockets on both sides
8. Elasticated cuffs
9. Lightweight, true to size
10. Waist line pull toggle
11. Sizes S – 3XL


Black/Olive, Lime/Blue


Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large, XXX Large



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