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Stihl FSA 120 Cordless Brushcutter

AP Battery System

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The FSA 120 is compatible with AP System batteries and requires virtually no maintenance thanks to its brushless motor. Choose from either line head or grass cutting blade attachments with automatic speed adjustments for either option. Enjoy operator control and comfort with the bike-handle grip and controls.

The STIHL FSA 120 is a battery-powered brushcutter designed for tackling the toughest gardening and landscaping jobs you may face. The FSA 120 is battery powered meaning it has low noise emission – making it ideal for work in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and quiet neighbourhoods.

Fitted with a bike handle for comfortable working when cutting tall grass and weeds. The folding clamp makes it quick and easy to adjust the bike handle to the ergonomic position that suits you. The FSA 120 has a powerful brushless EC motor and speed-adjustment on the control handle, which can be set at 2 different speed settings. There is an ECO mode (level 1), for simple tasks such as trimming lawn edges, which results in lower energy consumption for extended battery life. And there is full speed mode (level 2), for mowing thicker grass, which will use more of the battery energy.

The FSA 120 is supplied with a basic harness and the GrassCut 230-2 blade as standard, but can also be fitted with other STIHL cutting tools, such as the AutoCut, TrimCut, DuroCut, PolyCut cutting tools (see below).

• Bike handle for large open areas
• Powerful EC motor
• Variable speed trigger
• Automatic tool recognition


  • Rated voltage: 36 V
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Sound pressure level: 81 dB(A) 1)
  • Sound power level: 94 dB(A) 1)
  • Vibration value, left, with line head: 2.6 m/s2 2)
  • Vibration value, right, with line head: 2.3 m/s2 2)
  • Vibration levels, left, with metal blade: 1.8 m/s2
  • Vibration level, right, with metal blade: 1.3 m/s2
  • Total length: 178 cm 3)
  • Cutting diameter: 380 mm
  • Standard cutting tool: GrassCut 230-2
  • Recommended battery: AP 300 S
  • Battery technology: AP System
  • Working time with AP 200 battery: up to 60 min 4)
  • Working time with AP 200 battery (2): up to 30 min 5)
  • Working time with AP 300 battery: up to 80 min 4)
  • Working time with AP 300 battery (2): up to 40 min 5)
  • Working time with AP 300 S battery: up to 100 min 4)
  • Working time with AP 300 S (2): up to 50 min 5)
  • Working time with AP 500 S: 130 min 4)
  • Working time with AP 500 S (2): 60 min 5)
  • Working time with AR 2000 L: up to 380 min 4)
  • Working time with AR 2000 L (2): up to 200 min 5)
  • Working time with AR 3000 L: up to 510 min 6)
  • Working time with AR 3000 L (2): up to 300 min 5)


Parts, Consumables + Accessories for this unit

Replacement/Spare Blade:

Cutting Blades:

Mowing Heads:

Cleaning + Care:

PPE (Stihl Function range for occasional/home use):


Power Type



Kit (Unit inc. 2 x AP 300 S Batteries + AL 301 Charger), Kit (Unit inc. AP 300 S Battery + AL 301 Charger), Unit Only, Kit (Unit inc. AP 200 Battery + AL 301 Charger), Kit (Unit inc. 2 x AP 200 Batteries + AL 301 Charger)


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