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Woolpower Wrist Gaiter Black 200g

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Woolpower 200g Wrist Gaiters with thumb hole, are made from the unique Woolpower Ullfrotté circular knit fabric with terry loops on the inside. These warm merino wrist gaiters will keep your wrists and hands warm while providing complete freedom for your fingers.

Woolpower Wrist Gaiters are made from our own Ullfrotté Original 200 fabric and are circular knitted with a hole for your thumb. They can be worn under a pair of water repellent gloves as a warm layer closest to your hands, or as a warm outer later during warmer conditions when gloves aren’t needed. The layering principle for clothing also applies to your hands – the more layers the better the insulation. When your body gets cold, it reduces the flow of blood to your hands and feet and instead prioritises providing heat to the heart, brain and other critical organs. That is why you feel the cold first in your hands and feet, even if the rest of your body feels warm.

In very cold environments, these handy pieces of kit are designed to fit snuggly under your gloves, bridging the gap to your sleeve and improving the warmth in your hands by insulating your wrist. They can also be used on their own in less extreme weather.

The special design enables you to have full dexterity in your fingers which makes using equipment and tools as easy as normal.

Once you’ve tried them you won’t want to take them off!

The wrist gaiter features a contrasting Woolpower logo knitted in.

60% Merino Wool
25% Polyester
15% Polyamide

Produced in one size, 18cm long.



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