Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre

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The Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre is your number one solution for friction wear, temperature control and engine protection. It enhances the lifespan, reliability, and efficiency of engine components. The Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre has an excellent resistance to viscosity breakdown, from chemical, friction, and heat, which means that it can flow easily at any temperature.

Husqvarna creates this product for tough applications with high loads and exclusive engine speed. It is a low smoke oil that provides exemplary lubrication and leaves your engine cleaner. Also, when using this product, you will find that no coating is left on your piston and crankcase compared to other oils. The oil is ideal for all Husqvarna 2- stroke products, especially with a cylinder volume of 55 cm3. The other benefit of the Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre is that it is entirely synthetic and biodegradable.

The product features high levels of synthetic components that give fewer exhaust fumes and perfect lubrication. It has low ash content that helps to take care of the catalytic converter and cuts on the deposits in the engine. Many experts choose this product due to its greatly reduced evaporative loss. The Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre is what you need to improve your engine’s torque power due to reduced initial drag.

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2 reviews for Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre

  1. Wade Holden (verified owner)

    So happy with radmore & tuckers service super rapid dispatch & delivery from DX express. Second 2 none highly recommended to anyone. Thank you

  2. garry main (verified owner)

    two stroke oil is what it is,next day deliverygreat service,thums up to you guys.

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