Husqvarna Splitting Axe S2800

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The Husqvarna S2800 splitting axe is purpose-designed to make the chopping and splitting of firewood a fast and smooth operation.

Husqvarna Splitting Axe S2800

Often logs destined for your fireplace start off large and heavy. They need a powerful axe to cut them down to size to fit into the average fireplace. The Husqvarna S2800 splitting axe is designed to deal with larger logs, it is powerful yet precise. The special non-stick coating on the axe head creates less friction as the axe easily cleaves the wood, and the geometrical shape of the axe head is specially designed for the splitting of larger logs. The balance point is close to the axe head on the light shaft; this creates a powerful cut which results in easy log-splitting with minimal rough edges.

Technical details

  • The Husqvarna S2800 splitting axe weighs 2.958 kg
  • Axe head weighs 2.300 kg.
  • Manufactured in high-quality steel and fibre-glass.
  • Overall 27″ in length.
  • The handle is made of composite fibre-glass, provides a strong and comfortable grip.


The Husqvarna splitting axe is specifically designed for chopping and splitting large logs. It is made for two-handed use although anyone with a strong grip could use one hand. It is a good all-round axe which can be employed in every context where an axe could be needed: for gardening, for lopping off branches and cutting down shrubbery, and for all outdoor activities, such as camping or trekking, where an axe could be an important tool.

Special features of the Husqvarna S2800 splitting axe

The essential working part of the splitting axe, the axe head, is coated in a special non-stick material which provides smooth entry into the wood and also grants anti-corrosive protection.

The handle is equipped with steel impact protection at strategic points. This stainless steel shaft protection on the handle contributes to the durability and long life of the axe.

Secure handling is guaranteed by the soft grip handle which prevents slipping. The hooked end of the handle permits the hand to safely slide down the handle to the stopping point.

The non-blade side of the axe head is milled and extra wide to provide a hammer function for hammering wedges. Note: not suitable for hammering hardened steel wedges.

The Husqvarna S2800 axe comes complete with a leather blade-cover for when the axe is not in use.

70cm Length
Soft Grip
Hooked End

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3 reviews for Husqvarna Splitting Axe S2800

  1. JASON (verified owner)

    What a great find Radmore & Tucker are ! Spoke to Amy on the phone ordered 2 axes Husqvarna S2800 and the Portek 2in 1.
    Axes were paid for picked available and Click and Collected within the hour . Great store Great find Great people .
    Both axes are fantastic the Husqy is very sharp and a pleasure to use the Portek deals with knotty wood with ease. Almost finished 3 75ft Ash trees into logs 🪵 . Some of the rounds 2ft wide 1ft deep both axes were fit for the job . K no o
    Thanks Radmore & Tucker look forward to returning when we can look around the store properly. Plenty still on my shopping list .

  2. Paul Eyles (verified owner)

    I have given 5 stars, that is not just for the quality of the splitting axe but also for Radmore Tuckers customer service. Amy was extremely helpful and kept me updated when the axe was not in stock. I bought the axe for home use. I can’t believe how good it is. With little effort logs seem to Al ost explode. I would definitely recommend Radmore Tucker and I would also recommend the Husqavarna S2800 sp,itting axe. Great value for money.

  3. Michael Edwards (verified owner)

    Excellent log-splitting axe. Single strike split birch logs 30cm across and no problem with smaller branched logs. Well balanced and sound grip. Strongly recommend – 5 stars

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