Husqvarna Universal Hatchet H900

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When an axe is too cumbersome and a pocket knife is inadequate, the handy, lightweight, manageable, user-friendly hatchet is doubtless the tool that you need. For those close-up, quasi-precision, hit-it-on-the-head cutting or chopping jobs, the Husqvarna Universal Hatchet H900 is the ideal tool.

A hatchet, similar to a hand-axe, is a small light axe that can be used with just one hand. This is an important feature. When you need the other hand for holding down the object to be chopped or split or shaped, the lightweight ergonomic feel of the Husqvarna Universal Hatchet makes the job easier. Using just one hand, the weight of your tool is an important factor: the Husqvarna Hatchet H900, as its name implies, weighs less than a kilo, just 900 grams.

Unlike the typical hand-axe, the Husqvarna hatchet is designed specifically for one-hand use and it is equipped with a wide hammerhead on the other side of the axe blade. This feature provides both cutting and hammering possibilities and good weight distribution. The axe-head is perfectly balanced; it swings down nicely and lands on target. It has an anti-corrosive non-stick coating which lessens friction as the axe-head blade bites into the wood.

Although small and light and easy to handle, the Universal Hatchet is powerful. It is 34cm in length, perfect for one-hand operation. The robust fibre-reinforced shaft and the non-slip soft-grip handling give control and precision for all your near-at-hand woodworking tasks.

The Husqvarna Universal Hatchet H900 is your solid basic cutting tool. It is a precious assistant in the garden or vegetable patch; it performs large or small garden jobs, from lopping off branches to felling small trees. It is the quintessential chopping tool for splitting logs and preparing firewood, indispensable in winter when cosy open fires and wood-stoves need fuel.

Hatchets are not only house-and-garden. Camping, trekking or similar adventure activities require a trusty hatchet alongside the tent-poles and tin mugs and other survival gear.

34cm Length
Soft Grip
Hooked End

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3 reviews for Husqvarna Universal Hatchet H900

  1. Michael McGuire (verified owner)

    The overall axe weight 900g and that limits it more for firewood and garden work at home. The grind on the H900 was fine and the profile good for general work. You will need to sharpen as the coating blunts the cutting bit. This takes no time at all. Although I’ve not taken a file to see what the steel is like. With the stone puck it was made serviceable in 5mins. The service from the seller was painless and delivery was quick. Please keep in mind that you need to use a tool several times before you start to form a real view of it. But from being used twice so far there isn’t anything concerning.

  2. Roman Hrachowina

    Not used yet but it will be very good as all my husqvarna equipment, most of which i have used in forestry for many years.

  3. Pete (verified owner)

    Brilliant sales team, great to deal with item good quality and couldn’t be beaten on price. Will definitely shop there again.

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