Silky Longboy 3600 Pole Pruning Saw 3.6m

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The Silky Longboy 3600 Pole Pruning Saw 3.6m is a compact 1.45m when stored but reaches to 3.6m when fully extended, making it ideal for pruning and trimming a wide range of trees. The LONGBOY pole is more robust, and therefore more rigid, than its close relative the ZUBAT pole. A cushion tip handle helps to reduce pole damage.

When not in use the 360mm blade, with 7 teeth per 30mm, is protected by a sheath which clips neatly onto the pole. This folding blade allows the whole saw to fit into a small space – such as the boot of a car.

Brand : Silky
Blade Length : 360mm
Total Length : 360cm


1 review for Silky Longboy 3600 Pole Pruning Saw 3.6m

  1. Bob Rose (verified owner)

    Great blade. The extension pole is also quite study but not so sure about the plastic blade cover though – slight damage around the screw assembly heads, but performed well in practice. Be aware it’s easy to get the blade pinched on bigger limbs and the amount of flex makes it awkward to remove.

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