Husqvarna 135R Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer (34.6cc)

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Husqvarna’s 135R brushcutter is built for efficiency, comfort, and reliability over many years. It is designed with lightweight yet robust material and features a high torque engine which makes it an exceptional choice for all residential, horticultural and agricultural applications.

Design and Features

  1. X-Torq® engine

The brushcutter is equipped with the X-Torq engine which is designed to increase torque over a wider rpm to provide maximum cutting power. Additionally, the engine is built to improve fuel efficiency without any loss of power and reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

  1. Tap ‘n Go

The practical ‘Tap & Go’ line feed system features a twin line cutting system that gives the operator the ability to use the trimmer head for clearing large areas of grass fast and efficiently. The tough metal grass blades on the other hand can be used to cut dense patches of weed, thistles, nettles, and tough grass that prove problematic.

The user can easily switch between the two cutting modes thanks to the simple design of the brushcutter’s combi-guard. A great plus to the machine is that the combi-guard design helps to deflect grass cuttings and debris when in operation.

  1. Adjustable handlebars and Standard Double Harness

Includes a standard harness for lighter brushcutters. Also featuring soft-grip handles for extra comfort, the handlebars are adjustable and ergonomically designed to ensure the user operates using the best working position possible. What’s more, the handlebars are designed to be at the centre of the operator’s body for improved manoeuvrability and allow for smooth sweeping when in use. This equal mowing sweep offered does not only improve productivity but it also minimizes the risk of lower back fatigue.

  1. Bevel gear

The bevel gear has a high torque and cutting equipment that is parallel to the ground providing excellent, versatile performance.

  1. Fuel pump

Husqvarna’s 135R fuel pump is designed for easy starting. This smart start function reduces the effort required to start the machine by up to 40%.

The Husqvarna’s 135R petrol brushcutter features an air purge technology that ensures either hot or cold by reducing the number of starting pulls required and pre-priming the carburettor. There’s also an auto-return function that automatically resets the machine to the ON position, eliminating the need for manually turning the machine on when the engine stops.


Weight (excl. cutting equipment) – 6.8 kg

Tube length – 1483 mm

Tube diameter – 28 mm

Cylinder displacement – 34.6 cm³

Power output – 1.4 kW

Maximum power speed – 8400 rpm

Fuel tank volume – 0.6 l

Fuel consumption – 435 g/kWh

Idling speed – 2900 rpm

Spark plug – Champion RCJ6Y

Electrode gap – 0.5 mm

Clutch engagement speed (±120) – 3800 rpm

OEM Grass blade – Multi 300-3

OEM Harness – Standard double harness

OEM Trimmer head – T35 M12

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) – 113 dB(A)

Sound pressure level at operators ear – 98 dB(A)


Power Type


5 reviews for Husqvarna 135R Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer (34.6cc)

  1. Jim Park (verified owner)

    I needed a decent brush cutter at a reasonable price, I already use an EFCO and one of the smaller Husqvarna’s but needed a larger motor as I occasionally use a clearing saw head the 135R fitted the bill. I have used it recently and it worked very well tackling long wet grass plus willow and oak saplings the metal blade did the job. Radmore & Tucker kept me up to date on the progress of my order and because the 135R was the last in stock and a display item gave me a free safety helmet and trimmer line. A brilliant service a pleasure to deal with.

  2. Bryan Hall (verified owner)

    The bruschcutter is just what I needed – powerful enough to deal with rough ground and flexible enough to handle lighter grass aswell – service turnaround was first class -recommended

  3. SIMON (verified owner)

    Needed a more powerful machine to maintain a large area…but not at a ridiculous price or too heavy. This fit the bill perfectly, used it for 16 hours already and I can confirm its a beast.
    Ordered online, picked up next day…
    Proper job, deffo reccomend ??

  4. Allyson Webb (verified owner)

    Outstanding service from John at Radmore and Tucker both with answering my questions when comparing brush cutters before I bought and then after purchasing. Ordered on a Friday and he delivered it on Monday. Fabulous. If I could make one suggestion, perhaps offer at the time of purchase, strimmer line and a safety helmet etc. I haven’t bought strimmer line yet but definitely required a safety helmet because the brush cutter is so powerful which I bought from Screw Fix but it and the line could have come with my order. Thanks so much. Would highly recommend.

  5. simon norton (verified owner)

    Not used it much yet but very happy with it so far and seems like a good machine. Excellent service with very prompt delivery.

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