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Husqvarna 420EL 2000W Electric Chainsaw (Corded 230V) – 16″ Bar

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The compact yet powerful Husqvarna 420EL chainsaw is small and mighty, offering enough power for users to achieve all their project goals without stress.

The chainsaw is electricity operated, coming with a generous five-metre long cable for ease of movement while using the tool, and comes with all the advantages of an electric power tool. These include an instant, full-power start, with no waiting for the chainsaw to get ‘up to speed’. Full power and high torque are instantly available.

Electric chainsaws are also much easier to start than their old-fashioned petrol predecessors, turning on with the flick of a switch rather than endless frustrating cord-pulling while the petrol engine is primed.

Another advantage of electric chainsaws is that they are very much quieter than petrol equivalents, which makes them ideal models for use in and around the home – they will disturb the neighbours – and also much safer to use from a hearing protection point of view.

Finally, electric chainsaws are vastly more eco-friendly than petrol models, as they emit no harmful fumes or exhaust. This, again, helps in a domestic use environment, where ventilation might not be up to health and safety guidelines.

The oil reservoir – needed for lubricating the chain and preventing it from overheating – is easily monitored thanks to the window which shows the oil level. It holds 0.18 litres of oil, and should be checked before and after each use, topping up as needed.

This model has a 16 inch bar (of which the cutting edge is 14 inches) which is relatively small for industrial purposes, but which is perfect for use by D-I-Y-ers, carpenters, electricians, and anyone who has occasional need of a small but powerful cutting tool. It is especially recommended for homeowners, indoor use and craftspeople.

The chainsaw is orange with a black soft-grip handle which has been ergonomically designed to offer an intuitive and comfortable grip. The slim-line body lends itself well to use in fairly close quarters.

The chain can be tensioned by hand, which makes it easy to maintain the chain in the best working condition.

Technical Info

Voltage – 230 V
Power rating – 2000 W
Oil tank volume – 0.18 l
Oil pump type – Automatic, gear driven
Recommended bar length, max – 15.75 in
Recommended bar length, min – 13.78 in
Chain pitch – 3/8″
Chain gauge – 0.05 in
Chain speed at max power – 15 m/s

Power Type

Electric (Corded 220V-230V)

Bar Length

11 reviews for Husqvarna 420EL 2000W Electric Chainsaw (Corded 230V) – 16″ Bar

  1. Kevin Woodcock (verified owner)

    Excellent price and service from Radmore & Tucker, out of stock but delivered within days of placing the order.
    This was ordered for my brother who used petrol Husqvarnas for a living but now needed something less extreme for the occasional log cutting. He is very impressed with the feel and quality of this model and would certainly recommend
    this compared to lesser machines out there.

  2. Royston Russell (verified owner)

    Nice bit of kit. Works well.

  3. Frank Colebrooke (verified owner)

    Excellent quiet chainsaw, quick & easy to adjust chain tightness. Manufactured as expected to high specifications.
    Very reasonably priced. Good advice from supplier Radmore & Tucker / Exeter.

  4. Geoffrey MacArthur (verified owner)

    Delivery received from R&T within 48 hours of ordering,excellent service. The third item I have ordered from this company all received speedily and well packed.
    The chainsaw is light yet powerful enough to saw 12 inch diameter logs with ease.
    A quality product and competitively priced.

  5. Martyn Nicholson (verified owner)

    Brilliant piece of machinery. Love it, bit slow to start which I will get used to but works a treat.

    Well worth the wait
    Thank you

  6. Robert Notley (verified owner)

    Good price and prompt delivery from R & T. This saw replaces a 1986 husqvarna electric, which is still going strong but can’t get a replacement clutch drum for it.
    The saw is a nice weight and probably quite than the previous one. Just cut through 2 cube of fire wood and it easily competes with my petrol husky. Pleased to find it comes with some decent cable of a useful length. Good quality Canadian chain is a nice touch.

  7. margaret irving (verified owner)

    Excellent service from radmore & tucker. Very competitively priced. The chainsaw performed extremely well on its first outing making short work of cutting large log sections for woodturning. It easily cut through both end grain and side grain sections and was easy on the shoulders and back!

  8. Douglas Mackay (verified owner)

    Delighted with this chainsaw and even more delighted with Radmore and Tucker.
    Excellent user friendly website which detailed compatible chain bar and files.
    Great service, the saw arrived the day after ordering.
    10 out of 10 !

  9. S. Jackson

    Excellent service from Radmore and Tucker as usual. This is my first electric chainsaw. I bought it so as not to disturb the neighbours when using a chainsaw at home. I’m impressed with the feel/quality of the machine and it is very effective in use. I would certainly recommend this saw for logging anything up to, say, eight inches. Though I suspect it would cope well with larger dimensions on an occasional basis.

  10. Richard J Antill (verified owner)

    Great service ,delivered within 24hrs .Impressive results in usage and certainly not a toy !!!

  11. Neil Morley (verified owner)

    As per previous review:-
    Excellent service from radmore & tucker. Very competitively priced. The chainsaw performed extremely well on its first outing .
    Very pleased with purchase and service.

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