Stihl RG-KM Rotary Cutting Head Attachment

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The Stihl RG-KM Rotary Cutting Head Attachment is for effective and low-spin removal of weeds and grass from a range of surfaces such as gravel, asphalt, and paved areas.

Suitable for KM 91 R, KM 94 R, KM 111 R, KM 131 R and KMA 130 R.

Weight kg 2.5
Tool Rotary cutting head
Overall length cm 112
Recommended KombiEngine KM 94 RC-E / KMA 130 R

9 reviews for Stihl RG-KM Rotary Cutting Head Attachment

  1. Geoff Hardman

    As always, five stars service from R&T. I’ve been using the rotary cutter for a month or so and I really like it. It’s much easier than a line trimmer to go along fruit cages without snagging the net. The cutter is extremely sharp and cuts a very clean edge – no ripping or browning. I feel much safer along our conservatory, as it doesn’t fling stones everywhere – a bonus when I cut the cornish hedge at the roadside, as I’m not risking anyones windscreen. Clear up is easy, as it doesn’t fling cut grass all over the beds. Why the dropped star? Well as a six footer, the angle of the cutting head is a bit too shallow for me and I have to stoop forward to keep the edge parallel to the grass. Either a steeper angle or better yet an adjustment like the hedge trimmer would have been worth a few quid more. Also, the skid plate allows you to cut very close to the turf: great if you have a bowling green but if you have slightly thatchier or taller grass, it means you have to hover over the grass rather than allow it to glide. Herr Stihl: if you offer at thicker skid plate as a £10 extra, I’ll buy one.

  2. Keith Burrell

    Very good service and price from Radmore and Tucker. I purchased this with their recommended motor. Very easy to assemble A to B. Brought this solely to edge my lawn which has a brick edging around its entirety and normal strimmer cord repeatedly broke on continued contact with the bricks. So far this makes a reasonable job although running the blade between the brick edge and the grass is not as easy as I had hoped. Experimenting with different methods at the moment but I am certain that it will prove to be a good buy. An added bonus is accurate grass cutting between the daffodils at this time of year.

  3. Max

    A week and a bit in, seems decent, good enough edge and will hopefully mean no more shelling out for strimmer broken glass.

    Marginally slower than strimming and will see how well it keeps its edge but so far as a pro gardener a worthwhile upgrade.

  4. David Hastings (verified owner)

    First class service and value from Ardmore/tucker as usual arrived on time and cheapest price on internet will be back soon for more attachments for kombi

  5. David Hastings (verified owner)

    Excellent service and delivery as usual best price on internet very pleased with the product will definitely be back soon

  6. Rich Lightfoot (verified owner)

    I had to wait for a delivery, but they kept me up to date with emails and I received my item the day after they received delivery, excellent service. The cutter is very good for edging lawns and where theirs is a danger of catching stones.

  7. Peter Graham

    It is very good at cutting those annoying weeds that grow through the gaps in the paving stones. The head allows you sit the cutting blade on the surface and cut off the tops that lay close to the ground. This gives you a chance to attack those roots still under the slabs. The head can operate without disturbing any loose stones which will be great when I tackle our gravel drive.

  8. Sam Martin (verified owner)

    Awesome attachment. Bought initially for edging and cutting weeds on patio/shingle… But also capable cutter, particularly where I’ve previous broken green house glass using strimmer. Would recommend, but expensive

  9. Peter Sheriff (verified owner)

    Brilliant attachment. Bought specifically to cut blackthorn hedge runners, which a strimmer, flail or rotary mower won’t cut. The Stihl rotary cutting head cuts straight through them no problem. Also great for lawn edges and trimming round posts, all without the fear of throwing up stones. Highly recommended.

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