Husqvarna Automower® Installation Kit – Large (2500m²-5000m²)

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All of the Husqvarna Automower® machines are sleek and comes with two-tone plastic shroud and sophisticated wheels. They also have an IPX4 waterproof rating, meaning they can operate in the elements. The cutting deck will, however, need to be kept away from damp grass to maintain optimal operation.

Installation Kits

With everything that is needed to set up your new Husqvarna Automower® and keep them running, the installation kit provided is tough enough to get the job done. The large kit comes with a 1,300 feet of loop wire, 5 connectors, 5 splicers, 1 cable marker and 600 pegs.

This makes it ideal for open lawn areas, up to 5000 square meters (m2) or complex lawns of up to 25000 (m2). The robotic mower installation kit creates an inviable boundary to guide the mower and optimise performance. Weighing 3.1 pounds, it is fit for Husqvarna 310, 315, 315X, 430X and 450X models.

Installation and Performance

Husqvarna encourages its customers to have the Automower® installed by a dealer because it is paramount that you get this right. If you still prefer a DIY process, be careful to purchase the correct kit to ensure you get enough loop wire and stables, depending on the complexity and size of the area that needs mowing. For best use, refer to your manual.

Once installed, the machine should navigate your lawn without leaving the grass scalped. Its cutting mechanism turns clippings into fine mulch.

Husqvarna brings you a top-quality mobile app with a beautiful design that allows you to control the robotic mower using your phone, create schedules, monitor progress and check its location on your property. For the initial setup, you will need to use on-board controls to pair the device with your mobile app.

This app will lead you to a screen showing you the current status of your mower and the battery level. The charging station can be placed anywhere. As soon as power is needed, it will always find its way to the charging station. This kit heightens cutting and edging performance. If you are unsure what size installation kit you require, or you would like to arrange an installation, please contact a member of our sales team who will be able to assist you.

Kit Large – Suitable for open lawn areas of max 5000 m² or complex lawn areas of max 2500 m².

Large – Includes Loop Wire x 400m / Staples x 600pcs / Splicers x 5pcs / Connectors x 5pcs.


1 review for Husqvarna Automower® Installation Kit – Large (2500m²-5000m²)

  1. Neil Shadrach (verified owner)

    Bought the extra kit because my lawn has a very irregular shape, two separate areas and some fruit trees and an internal flower border. Definitely worth while to avoid the machine bumping in to the trees. Haven’t really needed the pegs as for the most part I’ve buried the wires.

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