Husqvarna LC353V 53cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

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The Husqvarna LC353V 53cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower is a high-quality lawnmower with a powerful engine and variable speed. Low weight, corrosion-resistant composite chassis. Smart solutions such as comfortable, foldable handles, easy bail removal and easily adjustable cutting height ensures convenient use. Features dust blocker bag designed to keep dust into the bag and collect blade for less clippings on the lawn and a more tidy look.

Other Benefits

The mower is also designed with a large diameter ball bearing wheels to allow smooth manoeuvrability. It has an adjustable cutting height to improve flexibility in terms of the desired results. Variable speed is another important feature because it enables the adjustment of the operating speed depending on the area of the garden to allow precision cutting and working on different levels of the ground. This feature is easy to control using an easy-access control panel on the handlebar so that you don’t have to stop every time you need to adjust the ground speed.

The ReadyStart system only requires you to pull the starter cord, and the machine is ready for work, meaning you don’t have to prime the engine before using the mower. This mower also ensures the user’s comfort via the ergonomic handlebar that can be adjusted to more than one height positions depending on the user’s preference. You can also fold away the handlebar when storing the mower to free some space in your storage room.


Easy to adjust the ground speed according to your needs and the condition of the lawn.
No need for priming the engine. Just pull the starter cord and you are ready to start mowing the lawn.
Durable and light chassis, designed for best collection performance.
The ergonomic angle of the handle bar in combination with easy to reach bail arms makes operation easier.
The ergonomically designed collector is solid, compact and equipped with a dust blocker bag. It is easy to remove, empty and replace thanks to the wide opening and the support handle on top of the collector.
Quick and easy adjustment of the handle in two different heights.
Easily fold the handle to minimize space required for storing and transportation.
A collect bag designed to keep dust into the bag, preventing it from blowing in the operators face.
A well balanced one hand grip makes adjustment of cutting height extra easy and convenient.
Top class collections performance thanks to the Collect blade. Minimum clippings are left on the lawn giving the lawn a tidy and nice look.

Engine Data
Engine manufacturer: Husqvarna
Engine name: HS 166A
Cylinder displacement: 166 cm³
Net power at preset rpm Energy: 2.75 kW
Net power at preset rpm: 2900 rpm

Cutting Deck
Cutting methods: Collection/Rear discharge
Cutting width: 53cm
Cutting height steps: 6
Cutting height adjustment: Central
Cutting height maximum: 75mm
Cutting height minimum: 20mm

Drive System
Drive wheels: Rear
Drive system: Self-propelled, variable speed
Speed forward maximum: 5.0km/h
Speed forward minimum: 2.8km/h

Cutting deck material: Composite
Rims material: Plastic

Sound & Noise
Sound pressure level at operators ear: 85dB(A)
Sound power level, measured: 96.3dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 97dB(A)

Wheel size, Front: 190mm
Wheel size, Rear: 230mm
Weight: 32.8kg

Collector type: Fabric with dust blocker
Collector volume: 60 litre
Handle type: Comfort
Handle height adjustment: 2 Step
Wheel bearing, front/rear: Yes/Yes
Foldable handlebar: Yes
Soft grip: Yes


Power Type


Cutting Width

53cm (21")

10 reviews for Husqvarna LC353V 53cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

  1. Christopher Bestall (verified owner)

    Moving to a new house with a lot more grass to cut, meant a bigger lawnmower, so I did the research and took a bit of a chance on the Husky. I’ve had Hondas up to now, with the legendary Honda engines, so believe me, it was a big step to move away from the big H. So far, I haven’t regretted my choice one bit. The Husky was an incredible price from Radmore and Tucker, and it was delivered in good time, well packaged, with good communication for the delivery. Due to the time of year and the weather it was a couple of weeks before I unleashed the orange beast from the garage, so after fitting the mulch kit (just a plastic plug and a slightly different blade) and of course, putting some oil (supplied) in the engine, the starter was pulled…and…she fired up first pull! And she’s fired up first pull ever since. To be fair, she takes a couple of pulls if she’s been laid on her side in the rare event that there’s been a build-up of grass under her skirt, but reliability really hasn’t been an issue with this mower from day 1. Mulching is so efficient with the kit supplied…there are no wads of grass left behind, the special blade chops, re-chops, and chops again, then the cuttings are distributed evenly in the wake of the mower. In fact they’re practically invisible. Swapping to the other blade (I don’t usually), removing the “plug”, and fitting the huge collector box sees no decrease in efficiency, and you have a lovely, even, smooth finish. The variable speed is a real bonus for me, as one area I have to do is a small paddock, and on the fastest speed it’s done in no time. So I’m happy to award the Husky 5 stars…so far it’s proving to be a brilliant mower, however only time will tell if it’s as long-lived as a Honda. At the moment I have no doubts it will be.

  2. Brian Ford (verified owner)

    Mower arrived with oil & fuel in, pulled cord fired up straight away, showed it the lawn and off it raced, fantastic.

  3. Tony Moyes (verified owner)

    Excellent service and excellent customer care Lawnmower arrived in good time, put together oil and Petrol,pulled the cord and off it went.Cuts really well and picks up very well.

  4. Michael Gunningham (verified owner)

    Husqvarna changed the specifications of the machine between the time of my order and the time it was delivered. No alliminium wheels and no mulch plug. Very disappointed in Husqvarna. I see little point in ordering this machine over the other model 353 just to gain variable speed, which is not great and ball bearing wheels when there is nothing wrong with the ordinary wheels. I can find no fault with Radmore & Tucker, the service is always first class.

  5. Roy Tucker (verified owner)

    I had a phone call from Radmore & Tucker and my huskvarna was delivered all fuelled ,oiled ready to go one day after it was ordered online..Fantastic service!
    The mower is the easiest to start of any I have ever used with just one pull to start every time.
    It cuts ,collects or chops everything asked of it
    The engine speed is set which saves a throttle control.Speed and height are easily altered .
    The light weight together with good size wheels make it easy to get up the steps to the lawn where it copes well on our slopes.

  6. Robert Spiller (verified owner)

    Great service by Radmore and Tucker. I have only used the mower once so far, but I am happy with what I have seen. The variable speed drive is great and halved th amount of time it takes me to cut my lawn. The build quality seems good and the cut is great. 5*

  7. Shane ford

    Reviewing the Husqvarna LC353V 53cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower.
    Previously had a mountfield sp535 mower and what garbage that was! Mountfield never collected a full bag and if the grass was wet you would be lucky to get quarter of a bag it would just clog up underneath. The Husqvarna is a dream to use in comparison.


    It drives very fast.
    Collects grass really well and actually fills the bag right up.
    Starts first time even with their husqvarna engine(not brings and Stratton engine as advertised Received Husqvarna)
    Lighter than my mountfield even though it’s the same cutting width.
    Easy to clean underneath.
    Just fills a pleasure to use.


    No bag full indication but you can’t have it all.
    Bag has plastic long part that fits into mower which gets in the way when emptying it into a bag.

    All in all I’m really happy with it and being very le speed is good which drives really fast up hills!

  8. Dave Tunks (verified owner)

    Great service from R&T. Great mower from Husqvarna / Briggs & Stratton.. Leaves virtually no cuttings on the grass. Good capacity grass box. Easy to start / turn etc. Height adjustment is simple, and having variable speed is great. Value for money with out a doubt.

    Very pleased..

  9. Peter (verified owner)

    Fabulous machine, it looks the part and certainly cut the.grass beautifully. It arrived ahead of time and packaging was perfect. There was just the right amount of oil provided and started first time. The wife is delighted.

  10. Graham Webber

    “Spring” 2024 is not the ideal time to mow grass or review a mower. However the weather changed from monsoon to just damp and the grass needed cutting, very impressed how it handled the heavy wet crop.
    Once the collection bag began to get nearly full it did begin to clog in the chute so two thirds full was the order of the day , but it left a tidy job and had plenty of power.
    Very pleased with it’s difficult first outing and would happily recommend , looking forward to some easier drier conditions.

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