Husqvarna 525P4S Petrol Pole Pruner

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The Husqvarna 525P4S Petrol Pole Pruner is large heavy duty machine made for professionals. Its design is ergonomics with an excellent balance, thus prevention of strains and stress while working in unwieldy sites. It has a telescopic long reach chainsaw that you use for trimming even without the need of a sky lift or ladder. It also comes with a sturdy magnesium clutch casing guaranteeing long life in service.

The Husqvarna 525P4S Petrol Pole Pruner is easily manoeuvrable being light with an X-Torq® engine. The pruner engine allows high rotation and quick acceleration in little discharges and consumption of low fuel and it has a rear impact guard that offers complete protection against damage and wear. Furthermore the machine is easy to store and transport having a detachable shaft.

The Husqvarna 525P4S has chain lubrication which is adjustable and automatic, making it easy to run the machine and an auto return stop switch that makes it easy to start. It uses the ON position to reset automatically and has inbuilt purge and chokes controls that are simple to understand and operate.

Technical Info

  • Excellent weight for cutting machine-5.3kgs.
  • It’s very lengthy being 240cm long with the inclusion of the cutting tool.
  • It has a chain pitch of 3/8 LP.
  • The engine has a fuel consumption of 395g/kWh or 0.395kg/h.
  • The bar length is recommendable being 30cm maximum and 25cm minimum.
  • The pruner has guaranteed reliable power level of 107dB(A).
  • A positive sound pressure level at the operator’s ears being 91Db(A).
  • It has an oil tank of 0.14 litres in volume.
  • It has a stable power output of 1KW.
  • The fuel tank volume is 0.51 litres.
  • It has an idling speed of 3000rpm.
  • It has a maximum power speed of 8500rpm.
  • The pruner has a cylinder displacement of 25.4 cm³.

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