BCS Reversible Plough

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The BCS Reversible Plough has a slatted mouldboard which reduces resistance whilst ploughing.

A simple, single lever system changes the working angle of the plough allowing the operator to plough straight back down the side of the previous run.

The BCS Reversible Plough  is fully adjustable for depth and angle and is the ideal tool for “wintering over” once the crop has been lifted.

Spade lug wheels are available for the BCS Reversible Plough providing extra traction in difficult ground conditions.

The Reversible Plough is suitable for the BCS Two Wheeled Tractors and CAMON Rotavators and requires the BCS Toolbar to connect to the power unit.

The reversible plough is available in two versions; one has a slatted mouldboard whilst the other has a solid mouldboard.

Which power units will the reversible plough fit to?

5″ Slatted Mouldboard 6″ Slatted Mouldboard Solid Mouldboard
BCS 710
BCS 728
BCS 738
BCS 740
BCS 750
BCS 615L
BCS 630


What are the minimum power unit requirements?

Slatted mouldboard:

4.8hp petrol engine.

Two working speeds.

4.00 x 8 agricultural wheels.

Solid mouldboard:

8.4hp petrol engine.

Two working speeds.

4.00 x 10 agricultural wheels.


Are any couplers or toolbars needed?

If the power unit has the implement quick coupling fitted then a blank coupler will be required.


Is there anything else required?

Spade lug wheels may be beneficial and/or Wheel Weights if extra traction is needed.



5" Slatted Mountboard, 6" Slatted Mountboard, Solid Mountboard

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  1. John (verified owner)

    Not used the plough yet but price was very competitive, at this time of lockdown good time on delivery plough look very well made looking forward now on using it and hopefully make life a bit easier.

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