Stihl SG 51 Backpack Manual Sprayer (12 Litre)

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The Stihl SG 51 is a backpack manual sprayer for occasional and professional use. Comfortable with pump lever mounted on the right or left and ergonomic shutoff valve. Robust design for long service life, even with professional use.

Left or right-hand trigger
The trigger can be quickly converted from left to right-hand use. This provides an optimal working position for both right-and left-handed users. If necessary, the pump lever can be adjusted in length.

Ergonomic shutoff
The innovative shutoff valve offers is both comfortable in use and allows precise work.

Hanging strap
The harness is firmly fixed and the top and bottom of the sprayer for hanging. The back straps can be mounted in two different positions and adjusted to suit the size of the user.

Integrated measuring cup
The container lid contains three measuring cups 10ml, 20ml and 50ml.

Integrated spray tube holder
Enables the safe storage of the sprayer during storage and transport. An additional bracket is provided for securely attaching the spray hood available as accessory.

Central output tube
The output tube is located centrally on the container, allowing the user greater freedom of movement when working with the sprayer.

Internal pump
The pump is placed inside the container and protected from damage.

Brass hollow cone nozzle
With the standard hollow cone spray can be accurately applied. Additional nozzles are available as accessories.

Carrying systems
The manual sprayer is equipped with a robust carrying system.

Weight 4,8 kg
Tank capacity 12 l
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40.8 × 24.0 × 51.8 cm

14 reviews for Stihl SG 51 Backpack Manual Sprayer (12 Litre)

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    I have only used this once but it is by far the best sprayer I have come across. Much better than the usual garden centre ones. Easy to pressurise and good spray pattern which was consistent. Wish I had bought one years ago despite the price.

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    Brilliant! Like all Stihl products, over-engineered and a joy to use. Soooo much better than regular sprayers. Pressure easily regulated and it sprays our box hedging in minutes rather than hours. Well worth the money.

  3. Richard (verified owner)

    Excellent sprayer, have had other manufacturers sprayers previously and this is by far the best. Well designed and easy to assemble. Operation is very smooth, and the pressure gauge is very useful, all sit comfortably on the back when carrying.
    The process in ordering with Radmore and Tucker to delivery extremely efficient and prompt.

  4. Damian (verified owner)

    Really good quality spray tank for the price can’t fault it by far best spray tank I bought!

  5. J Wilson (verified owner)

    Fitting the hose at the bottom of the tank was a challenge, but this is easily the best quality sprayer I have bought. It’s easy to use, and as others have said the spray pattern is excellent and the pressure gauge a bonus.

  6. J C Andrews (verified owner)

    First class piece of equipment, well built and robust. Chose this brand as their chain saws are the best in the world and this sprayer proves their reputation for quality.
    As with all sprayers of this capacity its quite heavy to hoist onto your shoulders if filled to capacity and ideally best sat on something like a stool to elevate it before fitting to your shoulders.
    The pressure gauge is very useful and spray angle works well. I would recommend this sprayer to anyone, if they are happy that the volume suits their needs.
    If I had any negatives it would be that the holder for the spray lance is not brilliant but this does not detract from its quality overall.

  7. Mike Collings (verified owner)

    Not really a sthil fan,but this sprayer is really good, comfortable too carry and works very well.
    Absolutely fantastic service from Radmoor and Tucker as always..A++++++++++

  8. John Reddaway (verified owner)

    I haven’t used the sprayer yet, but Radmore and Tuckers price was good and very quick delivery. Very pleased.

  9. AndyG (verified owner)

    A great spray pump backpack, though, it still takes a long time, to dispense a lot of liquid/feed onto your lawn, etc.

    The backpack spray itself is very well made, is comfortable when full too, and works so, so much better than smaller, bottled pump spray bottles.

    in terms of Radmore tucker, they did a great job, order and delivered as expected, next day, really great service, thank you.

  10. D Newsome (verified owner)

    Tough, durable, simple to use and clean out. Handy pressure gauge to allow you to keep an eye on it.

  11. L A Last

    Although this Stihl is a first class knapsack, it’s tough and durable, and is comfortable on your back and shoulders.

    The lance holder could be deeper to stop the lance from falling out of the bottom holder while carrying the knapsack.

    The pressure handle is brilliant because it pressurising both when you raise and lower the handle, and the pressure holds much longer.
    The spray is very fine and covers extremely well.

    The main negative for me is that the bottom of the plastic tank itself is much wider than the shoulders of the tank, making it very heavy when full to capacity.

    I’m really pleased with it. It’s so much better thank my old 15 litre knapsack.

    Although a friend bought this knapsack on my behalf, I can recommend Radmore and Tucker for their very efficient service and speedy delivery which is second to none.

  12. Paul Ward (verified owner)

    Should have bought a Sthil years ago.
    Gauge is a handy add on, where the lance sits is great, even the little lock to stop spillages is good.
    Buy cheap but twice

  13. Angie (verified owner)

    Nothing much more to say but QUALITY

  14. Rodney (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery to Northern Ireland as a lot of UK ?? companies won’t deliver here sprayer very good will buy from yourselves again thanks

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