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Husqvarna Curved Loading Ramps 200 x 2000 450kgs

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If you are transporting your garden tractor or ride-on mower, loading ramps are essential pieces of equipment. They help make transporting your tractor or mower from site to site easy. They also provide a secure way to load your tractor or mower. Whether you are a landscaper travelling between jobs or you are helping family and friends at their property, Husqvarna’s high-quality loading ramps are ideal for transporting your tractor or mower safely.

Product Details

Designed specifically to transport garden tractors, these curved loading ramps are manufactured by Husqvarna. They give you a reliable solution for loading and unloading your equipment for professional and personal use. Even in wet or slippery conditions, these tough loading ramps deliver a high degree of safety and reliability thanks to quality materials and design. The garden tractor loading ramps are made from corrosion resistant aluminium. They also feature a reliable slip-resistant surface, giving any type of wheel a secure surface when loading or unloading. The curved design also helps protect the cutting deck on your tractor when loading and unloading as well as during transport.

Technical Specifications

Measuring 200 mm by 2000 mm by 50 mm, these loading ramps are suitable for use with trailers of up to 700 mm in height. Sold and priced in pairs, the ramps are also designed to handle a maximum total load of 450 kg. This means they can be used when transporting any garden tractor with a weight of up to 450 kg. The loading ramps fit with various models of garden tractors made by Husqvarna, including TS 138, TS 142T, TS 142TX, TS 146TXD and TS 348XD models. They are also designed for TC 138, TC 238TX, TC 242TX and TC 242T garden tractors from Husqvarna.

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