Husqvarna Rider Combi Cutting Deck 112cm 300 Series

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The Husqvarna Rider-combi deck 112 cm 300 series is designed around two separate cutting systems. For those who require lawn fertilisation there is the option of using the ‘BioClip’ system. With BioClip the grass is cut into small pieces that quickly decompose and return to the lawn making it more drought resistant.

When cutting taller grass, and if the situation calls for you can use the rear ejection system to provide a perfect cut on any surface. To allow for regular servicing and cleaning of the heads the Rider-combi is supplied with a specific service position in order to facilitate easy access to allow this process to be undertaken.

The provision of wheels that are able to pivot means that the cutting heads always operate smoothly, even when making turns. In combination with the provision of the heads being able to ‘float’ over the grass, this ensures that the cut remains smooth and consistent at all times. With regard to the ability of the heads to float, this action is particularly beneficial when cutting grass of an undulating nature where there may be a danger of cutting the grass too close in some areas and leaving it too long in others.

The three blade system of the Husqvarna Rider-combi deck 112 cm 300 series is crucial for providing a consistent and top class cut. Operators will be pleased to find that there is the possibility to alter the pitch of the cutting angle so that the heads can be fine-tuned to undertake all possible combinations of terrain that may be encountered.

This product is built for use by professional groundsmen, gardeners and also by domestic users who have large and possibly uneven lawns that would be too difficult to be dealt with using other types of cutting equipment.

The Rider-combi deck 112 cm 300 series provides a comfortable and efficient way of maintaining larger areas of grassland to a high standard of finish. The product will take the strain out of what can be a very tiring and demanding operation, if undertaken with the wrong type of equipment.

2013 onwards – R 300-series
Deck thickness 2.8 mm / 9 gauge
Weight 52 kg / 114.6 lbs

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