Stihl PS 3000 Portable 230V Power Station

Available for pre-order for delivery August 2023.

£3,991.22 (inc VAT)

Usually dispatches within 7 to 10 working days.

SKU: 18-GA020118004

Portable 230V power supply, ideal for pressure washers, vacuums, hand tools, demolition hammers, lighting and battery charging. High power to weight ratio, compact and easy to use. The PS 3000 is not linked to any battery system (AK, AP etc.). Ideal for commercial, professional use.

Much more user friendly and cleaner than a petrol generator, it can also be used indoors/under cover.


Power output 3.7 kW
Energy content 2.1 kWh
Weight 19.8 kg
Output voltage 230V / 50Hz
Dimensions 420x210x420mm
Protection class IP54
Output circuit breaker 16A
Max. short circuit current 160A
Charging power <3h (100%)/1.5h (50%)
Charge input voltage 1000W/4A


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