Marlow Draco 12mm Lowering Rope 50m

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The Marlow Draco 12mm Lowering Rope 50m is specially developed for the most demanding arborist rigging applications, the Draco’s proven 16 plait cover is married with a braided high tenacity core to give a tough but high strength lowering line. The fully braided construction prevents twisting and allows for a supple rope without compromising on durability. The core/cover polyester construction ensures performance, durability and economy from a single rope.

Hardwearing cover for increased life in tough environments. UV resistant polyester construction for outdoor use. Braided from high tenacity polyester to give high strength, low stretch, and some capacity to absorb dynamic loads. Fully torque balanced construction to eliminate twist and aid handling. Supple braid, runs well on sheaves and holds knots well. Spliceable to create high strength terminations.

Brand : Marlow
Diameter : 12mm
Length : 50m
Spliced Eye : No
Construction : 12 Strand
Over Braid : 16 Strand
Material (Inner) : Polyester
Material (Outer) : Polyester
Colour : Blue / White
Application : Lowering
Min Breaking Strength (MBS) : 3590kg



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