Treehog TH1114 Tool Strop

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This is a lightweight tool strop and is made from 25mm black polyester webbing with industrial grade orange stitching. It is used as a tether to prevent tools being lost when working at height, and to help guard against public liability claims from tools being dropped on any personnel below. The TH1114 is most commonly used to attach a pruning saw or small chainsaw to an arborist tree climbing harness. This tool strop features a standard sewn loop on one end, and an inverted loop at the other, for easy attachment to your belt. It measures 1.2m long, with a safe working load (SWL) of 30kg.

Each tool strop has a unique serial number for ease of identification and inspection.

  • 25mm polyester webbing
  • Inverted sewn loop termination
  • 1.2m length when stretched
  • Individually serial numbered


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