Stihl HTA 160 Cordless Telescopic Pole Pruner

AP Battery System

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The most powerful pole pruner available in the AP System, telescopic shaft. Ideal for thinning larger branches, forestry and arboriculture. Durable magnesium gearbox with shavings ejection hole to prevent debris buildup, powerful EC motor for cutting large branches quickly. Telescopic shaft with durable square profile, compatible with Smart Connector 2 A. Base handle included as standard to give further reach and protection from the ground.

Stihl HTA 160

The STIHL HTA 160 battery-powered telescopic pole pruner is ideal for professionals working in forestry, landscaping, and orchards. Fitted with a telescopic shaft that can be quickly adjusted up to 405 cm, it’s capable of pruning, thinning and general maintenance of branches up to 20cm in diameter. The HTA 160 is battery powered – meaning it has low noise emissions, making it ideal for use in noise sensitive areas such as at hospitals, schools and housing estates too.

The STIHL HTA 160 is powered by lithium-ion batteries from the STIHL AP System and features a powerful EC motor plus a lightweight and robust magnesium transmission. For maximum cutting performance, the HTA 160 is fitted with a 3/8” P Picco Micro 3 (PM3) chain as standard but can also be fitted with a 1/4” P Picco Micro 3 (PM3) chain which is ideal for maintaining fruit trees.

The low weight of the cutting head makes manoeuvring between cuts easier too. It’s fitted with a sturdy branch hook too for gripping and removing loose cuttings. The control handle of the HTA 160 has an LED display for convenient control of the pole pruner too.

The HTA 160 comes with a protective foot as standard for protecting the motor casing from making contact with the ground. The air filter on the housing ensures that the engine is kept cool during work, improving the service life of the pole pruner.

The HTA 160 has a total length of 285 cm to 405 cm. It also has a mounting point for the STIHL Smart Connector 2 A on the power tool housing.

WEIGHT 6.9kg*
TOTAL LENGTH 285-405cm

• Telescopic shaft for maximum reach
• Rigid square shaft with durable clamping collar
• Magnesium gearbox


Bar length 30 cm
Rated voltage 36 V
Weight 6.9 kg 1)
Sound pressure level 89 dB(A) 2)
Sound power level 101 dB(A) 2)
Vibration value, left 4.3 m/s² 3)
Vibration value, right 5.1 m/s² 3)
Chain pitch 3/8″ P
Groove width 1.1
Total length (min) 285 cm 4)
Total length (max) 405 cm 5)
Battery technology AP System
Recommended battery AP 300 S
Working time with AP 300 S up to 70 min 6)
Cordless power system AP System

Power Type



Kit (Unit inc. AP 300 S Battery + AL 301 Charger), Unit Only


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