Husqvarna Wooden Camping Axe

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The Husqvarna wooden camping axe is a 37.5cm, 0.5kg lightweight camping axe that is perfect for chopping firewood into more manageable pieces or clearing brush from your path, and the small size means it will fit easily into your backpack without weighing you down.

It is sturdy enough to cope with the toughest of camping tasks. The smaller head, hand-forged from Swedish steel, makes it ideal for many different cutting scenarios. It is ideal for tasks around the garden such as clearing untidy and overgrown foliage and brambles or removing smaller branches from trees. Any task that is too big for a knife but too small for a large axe can easily be accomplished with this handy little camping axe.

The axe comes with a leather edge cover for safety, and which will also attach to your belt so that it’s easy to hand if you need it in a hurry. The head of the axe is attached to the hickory handle with both a steel and a wooden wedge for extra security so that you can be sure that it will remain exactly where you want it. The wooden handle also absorbs impact vibration much better than steel or fibreglass, minimising the strain on your hands and arms.

The Husqvarna camping axe is extremely durable and is beautifully balanced. This is a great starter axe for beginners and those just getting started in camping, but you could end up finding you don’t need anything larger or more expensive as you gain more experience. It can cope with a wide variety of tasks from fairly heavy-duty tasks to more detailed work. The blade keeps its edge beautifully and remains clean and rust-free the more you use it.

Husqvarna are renowned for the quality and reliability of their forestry and gardening tools, and this camping axe more than lives up to the name. Well cared-for, it could last you a lifetime.

Length 37.5cm
Wooden Handle

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3 reviews for Husqvarna Wooden Camping Axe

  1. Miguel (verified owner)

    Have not used it yet! But feels good. You can see the quality!! Excellent size for wild camping or bush crafting! Can’t wait!!

  2. JB (verified owner)

    What can i say excellent all round. Axe just what i wanted good weight for bushcrafting/camping , brilliant price and delivery time, already honed the edge but was decent sharpness out of the box . Was going to pimp the handle but the axe/hatchet that was delivered had a gorgeous two tone hickory shaft so linseed oiled it ,now she’s waiting for next outing THANK YOU.

  3. Jasdeep (verified owner)

    It’s a great axe for camping. Right weight and ergonomics. It does need honing, out of the box bit nonetheless a good item to have. Very possibly made by a high end Swedish axe maker.

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