Husqvarna Wooden Large Splitting Axe

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The Husqvarna Wooden Large Splitting Axe is very popular in the market. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to the following features;

  • Durability – the Husqvarna Wooden Large Splitting Axe is constructed with the strongest materials. It features a wooden handle that is very durable. The head of the axe is also made from strong metal that can withstand the toughest applications. It is also resistant to corrosion and rust hence easy to maintain.
  • Functionality – this heavy-duty axe is designed for tough log splitting functions. For instance, it can be used to split the thickest of wood as well as firewood. It is not top heavy hence making working with it effortlessly as it requires minimal effort.
  • Handle – the wooden handle is long enough that it creates extra power. It features a length of 75 cm. It also provides enough space for the holder to space their grip hence reducing the amount of effort required while operating it. The wood from which the handle is manufactured features a great finish.
  • The Head – The head of the Husqvarna Wooden Large Splitting Axe is attached to the handle using both a wooden and steel wedge. The two wedges allow for secure fastening preventing the head from detaching from the wooden handle. The head is made from steel. The steelhead features a coating that helps prevent issues like rust. It is strong enough to handle tough applications. The material is also easy to sharpen and very efficient. The weight of both the wooden handle and the head is 1.5 kg. Compared to other products in the market, this is an impressive weight for such an incredible product.

Length 75cm
Wooden Handle

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2 reviews for Husqvarna Wooden Large Splitting Axe

  1. John

    Best quality splitting axe with amazing value for money

  2. WAL (verified owner)

    Sweden still makes the best axes in the world. This hand forged Large splitting axe from Husqvarna is incredibly. It’s diamond shaped splitting edge crack oak logs like coconuts. 1/3 the price of a Gränsfors Bruk axe but 100% as effective. Tadmore & Tucker delivered incredible service from start to finish – speedy – well packaged and good delivery partner – experience was so good in fact I decided to buy one more of these Husqvarna Large splitting axes as a gift for a friend.

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