Vallorbe Round Chainsaw Files (Box of 12) (5/32″-4mm)

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SKU: SC-LC10000-03-532

Vallorbe produce the best files in the business. Longer lasting files but also strong and tough to grind through the most blunt chains.

Exceptional cut of teeth, quickly sharpening your chain giving it a smooth finish for a sharper cut and prolonged life. Long service life saving the costs of sharpening. Sharpening with Vallorbe files produces really sharp teeth for the greatest saw cutting efficiency. Only 2 or 3 light sharpening strokes required for normal sharpening, preserving the chain and its service life.Files hardened all the way to the core Consistently uniform file teeth. Files tooled all the way to the tip.

  • Increase efficency
  • Enhance performance
  • Improve safety
  • Cut back on energy consumption
  • Reduce wear and tear


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