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Husqvarna LC247S 47cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

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£399.00 (inc VAT)

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Make your mowing experience a pleasurable activity with the Husqvarna LC247S 47 cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower. The power of this mower, together with a quality cutting capability, makes it ideal for homeowners and professionals.

With the ReadyStart technology, this lawnmower requires minimum energy to get you started. Your servicing cost are reduced due to tough and efficient components such as the chassis which is impervious to corrosion and aluminium wheels. A corrosion-resistant composite chassis in addition to an aluminium-cased transmission ensures durability, therefore, minimum maintenance is required.

Steering is made easy and effective with its ergonomic handlebars and easily reachable bail arms. These components do away with manoeuvring hardships and make mowing as simple as it can be.

Suitable for short or tall grass mowing, the Husqvarna LC247S 47 cm has an option to select from different cutting heights for all types of grass. The built-in dust blocker bag ensures a smooth cutting experience by keeping the debris from blowing in the operators face.


  • The Husqvarna LC247S 47 cm is an all-terrain self-propelled lawnmower. It can handle even the harshest of terrains with ease.
  • Ergonomically designed handle bars with two different heights reduce vibrations that hinder control of the machine enabling smooth and effective manoeuvrability. Easy steering ensures effective mowing.
  • Foldable handlebars, as well as a lightweight aluminium chassis, enables for the easy storage of the Husqvarna LC247S. It can be kept in a smaller storage space as opposed to other similar mowers.
  • Engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton with a composite chassis.
  • A Self Propelled driving system with an adjustable handlebar.
  • Cutting methods by Collection/Re discharge (BioClip kit available as an accessory) with an easily adjustable cutting height
  • A 47 cm cutting width and a dust blocker bag.


Engine Data

Engine manufacturer Husqvarna

Engine name 450e

Cylinder displacement 125 cm³

Net power at preset rpm 1.8 kW @ 2900 rpm

Fuel tank volume 0.8 litre


Drive System

Drive system self-propelled

Drive wheels rear

Speed 4.5 km/h


Cutting Deck

Cutting deck material composite

Cutting methods collection/rear discharge

BioClip® kit available as accessory

Cutting width 47 cm

Cutting height, min-max 20 – 75 mm

Cutting height steps 6

Cutting height adjustment central


Extra Information

Collector type fabric with dust blocker

Collector volume 55 litre

Handle type ergonomic

Handle height adjustment 2 step

Wheel bearing

Wheel size, front/rear 170 mm/210 mm

Weight 29 kg


Power Type


Cutting Width

46cm (18")

2 reviews for Husqvarna LC247S 47cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

  1. Kirk Timms (verified owner)

    Fantastic service from Radmore & Tucker Exeter. Great product, delivered fully assembled complete with fuel and a proper handover given by the gentleman from Radmore & Tucker who delivered it. Previously owned a Honda mower but chose the Husqvarna this time as was better value for money with more features.

  2. Ian Quayle

    Firstly, a big salute to Radmore & Tucker for their superb, faultless service. I bought the Husqvarna LC247S mower online after being let down badly by another online supplier. I ordered it on the Friday and it was here, in a Herefordshire village, the following Monday, carriage paid. Well done R&T and a special shout out for Nicole who helped me when I was being a bit dim with the online ordering.
    The mower is a replacement for my trusty ancient Honda HRB275, which I bought in 1992. I serviced it myself and it has worked brilliantly until recently when the gearbox decided that I didn’t need ever to pull it backwards (the drive wheels locked solid in that direction). It wasn’t going to be economical to repair it.
    The LC247S seemed to be an inexpensive but reasonable quality replacement. However, I do slightly regret buying it now as it has several shortcomings compared to my old Honda:
    1. There is no throttle control, so it either self-propels (at a pretty brisk lick) or you push it yourself. If you stop to empty the grass box, then the motor stops and has to be restarted using the pull cord. It might be possible to slow the thing down with a throttle setting, but I haven’t found it.
    2. The blade is turning whenever the engine is running. This means that you might not be able to use the self-propulsion to get the mower into position on the lawn. Our garden is on a slope, terraced, but with a sloping gravel drive. My old Honda used to chug its way up the drive with little effort on my part, but I have to push the new one as I can’t have the blade turning over gravel.
    3. The 400 page Handbook has 13 pages of instructions in English, with copious safety warnings, some slightly inscrutable pictograms and brief descriptions. Not the easiest to understand. The starting instructions mention a primer bulb to pump fuel into the carburetor, but I haven’t found it (and, as it turned out, didn’t need it as the engine starts easily).
    4. The engine is made by Briggs & Stratton, so there is a separate manual for this.
    5. The grass bag needs to be assembled with the supporting frame. I found this slightly tricky and the manual wasn’t particularly helpful in this. There are quite a lot of plastic clips built into the the grass bag that need to be pressed onto the supporting metal frame. One of these was so stiff I needed a pair of pliers to get it on, but at least I don’t think it will come off again!
    On the other hand, the mower is reasonably priced, so I expect you get what you pay for. I have used it once and it did what was expected in terms of cutting grass. I expect I’ll get used to its shortcomings. But, because I have some tricky curves and corners on my lawn, I can’t cut at the speed the self propulsion wants to take it. So I have to push it. Therefore I tend to think of this mower as a push-mower with a self-propulsion feature that can be used, provided you can walk fairly quickly, on long straight runs.

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