Husqvarna Xplorer Kids Rubber Boots

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A flexible and soft, yet durable boot with reinforcements around sole and back. This member of the Husqvarna Xplorer Kids Collection is 100% natural rubber to keep the feet warm and dry. A drawstring at the top keeps snow and dirt out. Reflective tapes add visibility in the dark. Removable inner sole. Available in sizes 21/22 up to 33/34, suitable for kids from 2 up to 8 year


Drawstring at top end
Keeps snow and dirt out.

Reinforced at exposed areas
The boots are reinforced at exposed areas like the back and around the sole.

Equipped with reflexes for good visibility in the dark.

Removable inner sole
Removable inner sole which is easy to clean and dry.

Triple-name label
Printed triple-name label intended to encourage to pass the product on to other children and thus achieve sustainable use.

100% natural rubber
This durable boots are made from 100% natural rubber which offers a long lifetime and high wearing comfort.


2.5 (18-24 months), 24/25 (2.5 – 3 years), 27/28 (4-5 years), 30/31 (5-6 years), 33/34 (7-8 years)



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