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Husqvarna QC500 Battery Charger (500W)

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The Husqvarna Charger QC500 is an optimised and high-performance battery charger designed for rapid charging of backpack batteries and the integrated BLi300 battery.

The unit is compatible with Husqvarna’s battery systems. The product has an increased output of 500W, which delivers top-quality charging results. For maximum efficiency, the unit comprises a cooling system. It actively charges batteries over 50% quicker than Husqvarna’s QC330 charger. The unit cuts downtime and boosts productivity rates. The product includes a LED indicator for easy use. Professionals worldwide use the QC500 Husqvarna charger to achieve high-end results.


– The QC500 battery charger is made for Husqvarna backpack batteries and the BLi300 battery

– It’s compatible with a wide variety of Husqvarna battery systems

– The product has a high output of 500W

– The unit uses active battery cooling to boost charging rates

– Compared to the QC300 charger, the QC500 charges batteries 50% quicker


– The product is reliable, strong, and efficient

– The charger has an extensive lifespan

– It’s made for residential and commercial use

– It’s designed to Husqvarna’s high standards

– It’s compatible with a variety of Husqvarna products such battery trimmers, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, brush cutters, leaf blowers, and battery accessories

How It Works

The QC500 battery charger is a top-quality unit, which provides excellent results. The product has a huge output of 500W, which delivers quick charging of a variety of applications. The unit is compatible with the 115iL, 520iLX, and 315iC Grass Trimmer & Strimmers. You can use it with the LC 247iX and LC 347iVX Lawn Mowers. It’s compatible with the 115iHD45, the 520iHD70, the 520iHD60, the 520iHE3, and the 520iHT4 Hedge Trimmers. You can charge Leaf Blowers such as the 320iB and 530iBX models. Professionals use the unit with Brushcutters such as the 520iRX, the 535iRXT, the 535iFR, and the 535iRX. It’s also made for use with batteries such as the BLi100, BLi200 and the BLi300.

How to Use

Use the product according to the specifications provided by Husqvarna. To maintain the validity of the warranty, use the unit strictly according to Husqvarna’s instructions. Store the product in a safe and dry place, away from dangerous chemicals.

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