Husqvarna BLi10 36v Battery 2.0Ah

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Product Description

The Husqvarna BLi10 36v Battery 2.0Ah is a powerful Li-ion battery that’s specially designed for domestic and professional use. It is the integrated type and thus offers a high capacity for lengthy run times. Generally, the Husqvarna BLi10 36v Battery 2.0Ah is designed for use in the Husqvarna 100 – 300 series models, apart from chainsaws.

Compatible products

Lawn Mowers

LC 141i

Battery trimmers




Hedge Trimmers


Pole Saws




Leaf Blowers


Running Time

The running time of the Husqvarna BLi10 2.0 Ah battery is significantly dependent on the time of usage and the machine it’s used with. When the battery is used with LC 14Ii, it will run for approximately 30minutes on a single charge. When using the 115iHD45, it will run for about 50 minutes.

Charge Time

The charge time of Husqvarna BLi10 36v Battery 2.0Ah is greatly dependent on the charger that is used. The most suitable charger for Husqvarna BLi10 is the QC80. With this charger, the battery will be 80% full in only 50 minutes and thus fully charged in one hour and ten minutes. For an even faster charge, you can consider the QC330 that charges the battery to 80% in 25 minutes and a full charge in 40 minutes.

Charge Indicator

One of the excellent design features of the product is its intuitive 3-LED charge indicator. The indicator gives a visual warning of the battery charge state.

Battery capacity – 2.1 Ah
Battery voltage – 36 V


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