Husqvarna GX560 Petrol Hover Mower

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The Husqvarna GX560 Petrol Hover Mower, powered by Honda, comes designed with the combinations of a hover mover manoeuvrability and convenience. Given that it has a petrol engine, it’s still highly manoeuvrable and highly effective as it glides on a cushion of air across uneven grounds and slopes, something that a wheeled machine can struggle with.

Powerful Engine

The GX 560 has a 160cc petrol engine, giving it an extra dose of power that is sometimes missing from electric models.

Adjustable Metal Blade

GX 560 includes an adjustable metal blade, allowing you to achieve any of the three cutting heights (10-30mm) provided. With a width of 50.5cm, this model is ideal for large mowing areas.  .

Recoil Start

Husqvarna GX560 Petrol Hover Mower has an extremely powerful 4-stroke engine with a recoil start. It is designed in a manner that allows the machine to emit the best power to weight ratio. The GX 560 is equipped with well-balanced, durable and light components, ensuring that you benefit from a highly dependable machine for operations across uneven terrains and areas with tough grass.

Key features:

  • Air Cushion: Husqvarna GX560 Petrol Hover Mower floats on a cushion of air cutting the grass in every direction
  • Manoeuvrability: It is easy to move around obstacles, including along flowerbeds, trees and edges
  • Cuts on Slopes: Husqvarna GX560 Petrol Hover Mower cuts along slopes continuously and effortlessly at an angle of up to 45 degrees
  • Foldable handle makes it easy and convenient to store the machine when not in use
  • GX 560 is designed for large grass areas in commercial and domestic scenarios.

Engine Data
Engine manufacturer Honda
Engine type OHC
Engine name GCV160
Cylinder displacement 163 cm³
Net power at preset rpm 3 kW @ 3150 rpm
Engine lubrication type splash
Engine cooling air
Air filter type auto-type paper
Fuel tank volume 0.93 litre

Drive System
Drive system push

Extra Information
Cutting deck material ABS plastic
Working angle, max 45 °
Cutting width 50.5 cm
Cutting height, min-max 10 – 30 mm
Cutting height steps 3
Cutting height adjustment spacers


Power Type


Cutting Width

51cm (20")

4 reviews for Husqvarna GX560 Petrol Hover Mower

  1. HP

    Amazing ? I have several large steep banks that I have struggled with using a strimmer. This flew through the job in no time and the bioclip means that there is nothing to take up after. A 1 day job of strimming and collecting has been reduced to less than 1 hour. It has cut through my orchard that had long grass in it (allowing daffodils and bluebells to die naturally) in record time with very little residue. I wish I had brought it sooner. Expensive but makes it up in time saved and no divets in the lawn!

  2. Paul Shotton (verified owner)

    Great mower, I use it as a second mower for the awkward areas, slopes, banks, damp and boggy areas, I read several reviews about the weight but I don’t find it a problem, to move it from the shed to where it’s going to be used I just move it in a wheelbarrow, once it’s being used it floats anyway.
    Radmore and Tucker were the best price, delivery was done in their own van and I’m 100% a happy customer.

  3. CS (verified owner)

    Great mower for steep awkward banks.
    Like other reviews it is heavy to carry about but floats easily whilst in use.
    Quality product with fast delivery from Radmore&Tucker.

  4. costiganb (verified owner)

    I have had this mower for over a year and use it on a large sloping area, which I would not call particularly steep. It starts and cuts well, but I find pushing and manoeuvre when cutting quite awkward. I tend to find myself pulling it rather than pushing. The result is that there tend to be tall grass lines between cuts, as I’m not accurate enough. I also think the airflow to the hover gets quite easily blocked by grass cuttings, so I need to stop every five minutes to clear the flow. While I find it heavy when cutting, I can pick it up and move it around quite easily when getting it in and out of storage. Radmore & Tucker were very good.

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