Husqvarna 550iBTX 36v Cordless Blower Unit Only

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The Husqvarna 550iBTX is a well-balanced, and lightweight backpack battery blower with a powerful blow force for domestic and professional use. The blower rivals the 50cc petrol powered backpack as they share most of the specifications.

Its low vibrations and noise levels of 76.6dB (A) allow users to work in public places and also in noise restricted areas. Low vibrations also ensure a more comfortable user experience, especially if you have to use the machine for an extended period. The battery technology reduces the need for regular maintenance as it has fewer parts to service.

The blower has a boost mode to enable an unlimited maximised blow force when in harder to shift areas, plus the cruise control option allows the user to set the force, even in boost mode. The harness for carrying the blower on your back is comfortable, with additional hip support and chest strap for better handling and comfort.

The machine has a strategically placed keypad on the blower’s handle, and the button has a design and size that allow easy manoeuvring even when wearing gloves.


Blow capacity: The blower has a 21 N blow force which is equal to that of a 50cc petrol backpack blower.

Brushless Motor: The motor provides high torque to weight ratio for increased reliability and efficiency as well as longer product life.

Boost Mode: The user can maximise the blowing force whenever it is needed.

Cruise Control: The side button helps you to set the exact blow force you need to get the job done.

Sleeve Cover: You can hide the cables between the handle and the blower for safety when using the machine.

Lower Running Costs: The blower is cheaper to maintain as you don’t have refill fuel and there are fewer parts to service.

Power Display Feature: The LED display on the battery and the power status adapter on the blower show when the battery needs recharging and when it is full.

The easily removable built-in support foot enables easy placement on flat surfaces and during transport, plus it can also serve as a storage space for your personal equipment.

The ergonomic harness can be adjusted for all body sizes, resulting in less strain on your back and shoulders.
Clear LED display on the battery and even more exact power status on the adapter to the product mean you can quickly see when the battery needs recharging.
The built-in support foot also serves as a storage space for personal equipment.
The pivoting fixing point on the belt makes it possible for the harness to follow the movement of your shoulders, making sure you always work efficiently and comfortably.
Several fixing points on the harness to guide the battery cable into the best working position.
Built-in foot for easy placement on flat surfaces, during transport and storage. Easily removable.
Sturdy housing, including bumpers, enables tough daily use with regular wear and tear.

Technical Data
Battery type: Li-Ion.
Battery voltage: 36v.
Battery capacity: 15.6Ah.

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