Husqvarna 545 Mark II Petrol Chainsaw (50.1cc) with 15″ Bar + Chain

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The Husqvarna 545 Mark II Petrol Chainsaw is a premium and high-performance unit made for homeowners and professional arborists. The product is strong, sturdy, and easy to handle. The unit’s ergonomic design makes it easy to use for long periods. It’s a convenient chainsaw suitable for a variety of applications such as cutting small to mid-sized trees or limbing. The product comprises Husqvarna’s high-end technology systems, which ensure superior performance, low fuel consumption and top-quality protection.

General Information

– The product is suitable for homeowners and commercial forestry work

– The unit has an increased power output of 2.7 kW

– The product’s cylinder displacement is 50.1 cubic cm

– The chainsaw’s maximum speed is 9900 rpm and the idling speed is 2800 rpm

– The product’s maximum torque is 2.95 Nm at 7200 rpm

– The chainsaw’s fuel consumption is 232 g/kWh

– The product features a 15″ (38cm) bar length


– It’s strong, efficient, reliable, and high-performance

– The chainsaw is made of strong and long lasting materials

– The 545 Mark II has an extensive lifespan

– It’s adjustable and has an ergonomic design

– It delivers high-end cutting results

– The product is made and designed at Husqvarna’s standards of performance and quality

How It Works

The 545 Mark II chainsaw is a high-performance unit that includes an optimised cooling system which improves the engine’s performance. The AutoTune system adjusts the engine’s output according to the working conditions. You won’t waste time adjusting the carburettor. The unit automatically compensates for a variety of altitudes, fuels, humidity levels, and temperatures. The product’s case is made of strong Magnesium for increased durability and strength. The SmartStart system ensures that the unit starts easily and quickly.

How to Use

The product is easy to use and to manoeuvre. Use the 545 Mark II chainsaw according to Husqvarna’s guidelines and specifications. Follow the instructions and guidelines to maintain the validity of the warranty. Store the product in a safe and secure place and keep it away from corrosive solutions and chemicals. Make sure you store the unit out of reach of children.


Brand – Husqvarna
Fuel Type – Petrol – 2 stroke
Engine Displacement – 50.1cc
Engine Power Output – 2.7kW
Starting System – Recoil with SmartStart
Guide Bar Type – X Force Pro
Guide Bar Length – 15″ / 38cm
Chain Pitch – .325″
Chain Gauge – .058″
Chain Type – H25 Semi Chisel
Chain Brake – Yes
Chain Tensioner – Manual
Chain Oiler – Automatic
Vibration Levels – 3.7 / 3.5m/s² (front / rear)
Noise Levels – 116dB(A)
Weight (Excluding bar & chain) – 5.3kg
Power Type – Petrol
Warranty – 2 Years*

*Warranty is subject to conditions and an annual service

Consumables + Accessories for this Chainsaw

Bars + Chains:


Engine Oil (Good, Better, Best):

Chain Oil:



PPE (Suitable for occasional/home use):


Power Type


Bar Length

5 reviews for Husqvarna 545 Mark II Petrol Chainsaw (50.1cc) with 15″ Bar + Chain

  1. Paul Worsley (verified owner)

    Excellent machine for processing logs. Amateur woodturner.

  2. Paul Shotton

    Great chainsaw, not too heavy, powerful, east to adjust and maintain. My 2nd Husqvarna chainsaw, very happy with both of them and perfect service from R+T, I honestly can’t find a better supplier.

  3. John Watkins (verified owner)

    Light weight, powerful and well balanced. I’ve only run two tanks of fuel through it but am very impressed so far. I’m a hedge layer and do occasional tree work including felling, this saw ticked all the right boxes for me. I bought as a replacement for my 353. Fantastic service from Radmore and Tucker.

  4. D. Cheung

    If 545 Mk1 is to judge by, the MkIi will be a great saw. Had MkI for 7yrs. & 223hrs. without fault, only needing one air filter, two spark plugs and couple of clutch bearings, so just the usual maintenance parts. Runs best with 15” bar but easily handles 18”, in double bar length diameter. Regularly and easily cutting hardwoods, (mainly Thorn, Birch, Alder, Ash, Beech & Oak) in hedging, coppice & woodland felling.

  5. David Mckay (verified owner)

    The only bit that let this sale down was the shocking service from DPD and a lack of response from Radmore and tucker on this issue but the fact that the rest of the process was painless and the price was more competitive than others I’ve given it a higher score than I should and to be honest it would have been 5 stars if it wasn’t the shocking service from DPD but they appoint the delivery company so unfortunately I can only give 3 stars

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