No matter what the size of a garden project, a search within the Stihl range of equipment will locate the best tool for the job in hand. Stihl, an award-winning company offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products supported by a range of useful accessories. Stihl utilises high-quality state of the art engineering in each product. Consequently this quality, developed through the companies 90-plus history, has earned the company a worldwide reputation. There is equipment designed to care for every lawn and gardening need, ranging from robotic systems that will complete everything automatically, right through electric and petrol-powered machines to ride-on mowers, strimmers and hedge trimmers.

For those overgrown or areas of thick brush, there is a range of electric and petrol strimmer and brush cutters that can make light work of every area. With changeable tools, it is effortless to tackle every task with ease.

No matter the size of your hedge it is simple to find an uncomplicated product designed with the comfort of the operator in mind. The Stihl hedge trimmers can cope with long hedges and overgrown thickets with the same ease.

Every garden needs cleaning and tidying to prevent the build-up of fallen leaves grass cuttings and general debris. With a blower or vacuum, this becomes an trouble-free task with a range of electric and petrol-powered blowers and vacuums that can quickly clear large volumes of debris and even shred it to fashion it perfectly for mulching or composting.

For multi-tasking in whichever size garden, a kombi systems exist that have a standard power supply to which various tools and attachments are added. Consequently, it is possible to complete lots of tasks easily and quickly without the need for several machines.

To make sure that Stihl products run at peak performance it is vital to source the correct quality of fuel and lubricants. Hence, there is a range of premixed fuels designed for peak engine performance with minimum emissions. High-quality engine oils give rise to the best possible engine performance and lubrication with low emissions. A range of containers helps to store these products correctly and ensure that they remain ready for uncomplicated and convenient handling.

Cleanliness of equipment is essential to allowing it to work as designed. Hence, Stihl Has products ensuring that this task is as undemanding as possible.

With such an extensive range of equipment available to suit every need, it is important that you fully understand the requirements and the capabilities of the equipment. If unsure or would enjoy a little guidance about purchasing the best equipment. Speak with a member of our sales team who have in-depth knowledge of this range and are ready to help.